Strategic Location and Hub in Africa

  • Nigeria is advantageously located in the gulf of Guinea with direct freight access to America (North & South) and Europe
  • Easy access to the developed markets of North America and Europe, which have a combined GDP of over US$43 trillion
  • An extensive network of transport routes that links the country to neighboring countries like Niger, Chad, Cameroun, and Benin Republic
  • A total of 54 airports (40 with paved runways, 14 with unpaved runways)
  • Six (6) operational ports
  • Five (5) Heliports

Density of the Rail and Road networks (km per square km)

Country Railroads Roads
South Africa 0.01 0.62
Nigeria 0.04 0.21
Algeria 0.001 0.05
Ivory Coast 0.002 0.26
Kenya 0.006 0.28
Tunisia 0.014 0.12
Morocco 0.005 0.13
Zambia 0.004 0.054

Source: CIA World Factbook

The total air passenger traffic for 2015 was 14.57 million (domestic 10.22 million, international 4.35 million).

Total Air Passenger Traffic 2015 (Million)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
International 0.99 1.05 1.22 1.09
Domestic 2.43 2.47 2.6 2.72

Irrespective of the security crisis in Borno State, the Maiduguri Domestic Airport recorded the largest increase in domestic passengers (1859.1%) in the fourth quarter of 2015. The state also recorded a total of 4,659 international passengers in the fourth quarter up from 0 in the third quarter

Flight time from major cities to Lagos, Nigeria

Doha-Lagos 7 hours
London-Lagos 6hrs 44mins
New York-Lagos 11hrs 2mins
Tokyo-Lagos 17hrs 15mins
Shanghai-Lagos 15hrs 42mins
Johannesburg-Lagos 6hrs 5mins
Seoul-Lagos 15hrs 55mins

Source: FAAN


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