Krispy Kreme Opens to Customers with 200 Staff

Krispy Kreme, the world’s most awesome doughnuts, officially opens its operations to Nigeria today at the Ikeja City Mall, Lagos.
The brand, founded over 80 years ago, and famous for producing fresh doughnuts daily, has already employed 200 Nigerians and has made a splash around Lagos, with its “doughnut drops” gifts of doughnuts to lucky select group of Lagos journalists, food bloggers and social media influencers gained a sneak preview of Krispy Kreme’s famous Doughnut Theater at a briefing held at the Ikeja City Mall.

The expansion of this Krispy Kreme brand into Nigeria is implemented by Quality Foods Africa (QFA).
Krispy Kreme, known for its coffee culture and a special blend of Nigerian/Rwandan and Kenyan coffees, has been prepared in Nigeria.

Source: DailyTrust