Freedom of Information (FOI) Desk

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The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission’s Management at its 2012- 22nd meeting held on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 approved the creation of a desk for the coordination and implementation of the Freedom of Information Act. The Interdepartmental freedom of Information (FOIA) desk/committee was recently re-constituted with the following members:


Name Designation Department Emails
1 Sabo Isiaku             Deputy Director HCS/Chairman
2 Emmanuel Longza                 Deputy Director ES//V.Chairman


Alfred Ahon                             Assistant Director              SERVICOM
4 Enejo Shauibu                        Principal Investment Officers(PIO)                              DPA
5 Olaynka . Awolowo PIO DASCOM
6 Emeka Nwachukwu                POI DIP
7 Yusuf Iyodu                                SIO                                       Legal                    
8 George Awoderia                      IOI DSCO
9 Abdulrahman Adamu                IOI                                          DSCO                       
10 Salifu Abubakar Sani IOI DHR
11 Ripji Chorbe Cyril IOII DIR/ Secretary  



The committee is saddled with the responsibility of coordinating and implementing the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) in the Commission. The secretariat of the Committee is located at Block A Room 001, Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, Plot 1181, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja.

 Functions of the Freedom of Information Desk/Committee

  1. Sensitization of all the staff members on the FOI Act;
  2. Implementation of the FOIA and periodic monitoring of compliance;
  3. Evaluation and processing of all request for information for conformity with the Act
  4. Publication of relevant information on the website;
  5. Periodic review and update of published information:
  6. Filling of annual returns to the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the Federation.
  7. Continuous interface with other MDAs to ensure entrenchment of best practices


Mandate of NIPC Freedom of Information Desk

  • Process oral or written application(s) for access to information and records;
  • Liaise with other Departments, Divisions and Units to address request(s);
  • Manage all requests in collaboration with Legal Services Division at all times;
  • Prepare and submit the annual FOI implementation report to Management;
  • Prepare and submit FOI implementation report to the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) on or before 1st February for the preceding year; and
  • Provide advisory services on FOI.

Procedures and Methodology

  • The Freedom of Information office, in discharging its duties, shall, at all times, collaborate with Legal Services Division and other Departments, Divisions and Units  in addressing requests and ensure that the laid down procedures are followed at all times as indicated below:
  • Receive request
  • Acknowledge receipt of request and register request
  • Review request based on the provision of FOIA
  • Obtain legal opinion on information sought by Applicant
  • Obtain the relevant information from the relevant Departments, Divisions or Units, if not exempted
  • Prepare for response, present before FOI committee and obtain management approval to release
  • Communicate outcome to the applicant
  • Record/Log action taken