The Office of the Executive Secretary refers to the overall activities of the various Divisions and Units that report directly to the Executive Secretary to ensure that organizational goals and objectives are met.

Key Tasks:

Corporate Services Division
Provides support and services regarding job descriptions, work plans, performance monitoring and evaluation, performance improvement, information technology, protocol and logistics to NIPC staff.

This Division is headed by:
Mr Sabo Isiaku
Deputy Director/Head, Corporate Services Development

Incentives Administration Division
Reviews and processes applications for Pioneer Status and other incentives, ensuring strict compliance with documented guidelines.

This Division is headed by:
Mr Benjamin Ikheloah
Deputy Director/Head, Incentives Administration

Legal Services Unit
Provides advice on legal issues, documents and agreements, to ensure the Commission carries out its responsibilities within the ambit of the law, and that its interests are adequately protected.

This Unit is headed by:
Mrs Patience Okala
Deputy Director/Legal Adviser

Procurement Unit
Prepare requests for quotation, requests for proposals, requests for information or requests for tender, for procurement purposes.

This Unit is headed by:
Ms Debbie Dibal
Deputy Director/Head, Procurement

Internal Audit Unit
Provides independent, objective assurance that all organisational risks (financial and other) are being proactively managed at acceptable levels (including risks that management has decided to address through internal controls, e.g. compliance risks).

This Unit is headed by:
Mrs Chinwe Neboh
Deputy Director/Head, Internal Audit

Compliance Unit
Provides support to the Executive Secretary, functional heads and staff in facilitating compliance with relevant civil service regulations, as well as with NIPC’s policies (the Conditions of Service, HR Handbook, standard operating manuals, etc.).

This Unit is headed by:
Mr Emmanuel Longza
Deputy Director/Head, Compliance

Anti- Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU)
Duties as detailed in Section 6 (a)-(f) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act (2000), except that of prosecution.

This Unit is headed by:
Mrs. Uchenna Okonkwo
Assistant Director/Head, ACTU

Facilitates and ensures compliance with SERVICOM’s service delivery regulations and guidelines that include Service charter formulation, implementation and review; Customer relations/grievances redress mechanism management; and Service improvement initiatives design, implementation and management.

This Unit is headed by:
Mr Ahon Alfred
Assistant Director/Head, SERVICOM



The Department’s primary responsibility includes all activities related to the general marketing of Nigeria and its investment opportunities to potential and present investors. It compiles and disseminate data to create the perception of Nigeria as the most attractive destination for international investment in Africa.

Key Tasks:

  • Use market intelligence and research function to provide data required to build Nigeria’s image and sell specific investment opportunities In Nigeria
  • Collate information (through primary and secondary research) on specific opportunities in selected priority sectors in Nigeria’s states
  • Oversee the planning, development and implementation of all marketing and public relations activities, both external and internal to promote NIPC’s corporate image.

The Department is headed by:
Mr Emeka Offor
Director, Strategic Communications



The Department is charged with the responsibility of direct marketing and securing investors for specific investment opportunities in selected, prioritised sectors in Nigeria to targeted potential investors.

Key Tasks

  • Identify target investors using data from Strategic Communications
  • Analyse and qualify target investors vis-a-vis specific investment opportunities
  • Develop strategy for communicating with target investors, and engaging them to sell specific investment opportunities
  • Handover the investor to Investor Relations Department once the investor is ready to invest

The Department is headed by:
Mr Adeshina Emmanuel
Director, Investment Promotion



The Department provides a range of support services to assist potential and present investors as they make new or additional investments.

Key Tasks

  • Facilitate seamless entry process and establishment of businesses for investors
  • Facilitate investors’ access to local suppliers, skills and infrastructure
  • Establish links between the investors, government and academia
  • Support existing investors in expanding their investments.

The Department is headed by:
Mr  Mutawalli Kukawa

Ag Director, Investor Relations



The Department works with non-investor stakeholders to make investing in Nigeria easier.  It supports initiatives to improve the quality of the investment climate and provide supply–side strategies that improve the competitive advantage of Nigeria and its attractiveness for foreign direct investment (FDI).

Key Tasks:

  • Advocate for the removal of constraints to investments in generic and specific sectors
  • Advocate for improvements in the investment climate
  • Improve Nigeria’s competitiveness through focus on improving national rankings in “Doing Business” and other international evaluators (e.g. WEF)

The Department is headed by:

Mr John Oseji
Director, Policy Advocacy



The Department is responsible for recruitment, staff welfare, performance management, career and organisational development. It administers and manages all systems and processes related to staff (development and training, data management, incentives and discipline, etc.)

Key Tasks:

  • Ensure that the Commission attracts and retains skilled and competent staff for effective and efficient achievement of its overall goals and objectives.
  • Develop, implement and continually revise human resource systems and processes to ensure they are fit for purpose and in line with the regulations governing the Commission regarding staff’s:
    • Performance management
    • Training and development
    • Recruitment
    • Welfare
    • Data management
    • Benefits and incentives administration

The Department is headed by:

Mrs. Aisha Wando
Deputy Director, Human Resources



The Department is responsible for the day-to-day management of the finance and administration functions of the organisation. It administers and manages all systems and processes related to control of budgets, financial management and financial accounting.

Key Tasks:

  • Ensure strict compliance with Public Service Regulations on all finance related matters
  • Coordinate prompt and accurate preparation of annual budgets, financial statements and management reports
  • Ensure facilities and assets are made available when required, and that they are maintained in compliance with corporate and regulatory standards

The Department is headed by:

Mr James Akwada
Deputy Director, Finance & Admin



The Department provides state-level support to potential and present investors as they make new or additional investments. It engages with state governments to identify investment opportunities and provide investment support to investors in states, across all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Key Tasks:

  • Network with Governors and State Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) to strengthen the investment climate and facilitate investment into the States
  • Support for marketing and identification of opportunities in target sectors
  • Identify land, sites and properties that meet the needs of targeted investors
  • Provide support services to encourage investment expansion and diversification
  • Upgrade the capacity of states to promote and facilitate investments

The Department is headed by:

Hajja-Gana wakil
Director, States Coordination