Nigeria is the most investor friendly location in West Africa (6th in Africa) according to the Economist Business Environment Rankings. The current administration is working seamlessly to create effective government institutions in order to improve Nigeria’s business environment.

Global Entrepreneurship Index

Nigeria is currently ranked 4th in Sub-Saharan Africa (1st in West Africa) in Global Entrepreneurship ranking 2016. Three sub-indices were measured for each country: Attitudes, Aspirations, and Abilities. Out of the three, Nigeria had the highest score in Attitudes (32.4) followed by Abilities (26.7), and Aspirations (25.1).

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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)

The Global Entreprenership Monitor 2014 showed that Nigeria recorded the 3rd highest (52.7 percent) for youth entrepreneurs involved in nascent, new or established business in Sub-Saharan Africa. Also, at least 60 percent of Nigerian youths showed entrepreneurial propensity.

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Global Talent Index (GTI)

The GTI report 2015 ranked Nigeria as the 4th in Africa for talent attraction, development, and retention.

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Market Potential Index (MPI)

Nigeria was ranked highest in West Africa (5th in Africa) for market potential according to MPI 2016 report. The report also indicated that Nigeria has the largest market size in Africa and this presents an opportunity for international companies planning to expand their markets to Africa. You can serve Africa from Nigeria.

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World Happiness Ranking

Happiness is considered to be the proper measure of social progress and the goal of public policy. According to the World Happiness report 2016, Nigeria is considered to be the happiest country in West Africa (5th in Africa).

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world happiness scores


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Figure 1: World Happiness Scores – West Africa

Source: World Happiness Report, 2016