Adamawa State is located in the North East  Geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The State was created in August 1991 from the defunct Gongola State.

River Benue is the biggest river in the state and has a number of tributaries draining into it. The state is a mountainous land dissected by the valleys of River Benue, Gongola and Yedzaram.



Adamawa State Snapshot

  • Total land area: 38,700 Sq. Km
  • Capital: Yola
  • Local Government Areas: 21 LGAs: Demsa, Fufore, Ganaye, Gireri, Gombi, Guyuk, Hong, Jada, Lamurde, Madagali, Maiha, Mayo-Belwa, Michika, Mubi North, Mubi South, Numan, Shelleng, Song, Toungo, Yola North, Yola South.
  • Population: 3,178,950 (Male- 1,607,270 and Female- 1,571,680)
  • Vegetation: Sudan and Guinea savannah
  • Major crops: Cotton, Maize, Millet, Rice, Groundnut
  • Solid minerals: Iron-Ore, Lead, Zinc, Limestone, Gypsum, granites, Tantalite


Main Investment Opportunities

Opportunities for investment exist in:

  • Agribusiness
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Energy
  • Mining