NIPC and MTN Nigeria Reinforce Investment Success

By November 8, 2023 NIPC News

Abuja, Nigeria – November 6, 2023 – In a bid to enhance its appeal to foreign investors, the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) has joined forces with MTN Nigeria, the country’s leading telecommunications provider, to strengthen ties and foster an environment conducive to business growth and innovation.

During a recent meeting at NIPC’s headquarters, Ms. Aisha Rimi, the Commission’s Executive Secretary/CEO, and Mr. Karl Toriola, Chief Executive Officer of MTN Nigeria, underscored their commitment to collaboration and reaffirmed their belief in Nigeria’s immense potential as an investment destination.

“Nigeria is a land brimming with immense opportunity and potential,” Mr. Toriola stated, emphasising the country’s attractiveness to foreign investors. He further remarked, “MTN Nigeria’s journey is a testament to the incredible growth and development that can be achieved in this nation. We are proud of our role in connecting millions of Nigerians and contributing to the digital economy.”

Ms. Rimi, acknowledging MTN Nigeria’s pivotal role in driving Nigeria’s economic growth, reaffirmed NIPC’s unwavering dedication to providing a seamless and efficient investment process for businesses. “MTN Nigeria exemplifies the incredible success stories that have emerged from foreign investment in Nigeria,” she remarked. “Our experienced team is committed to guiding investors in Nigeria; our support extends beyond attracting investments,” Ms. Rimi explained. “We provide continuous support, aftercare services, and a network of government agencies are dedicated to assisting investors throughout their journey.”

The meeting delved into potential areas for future collaboration between NIPC and MTN Nigeria, particularly in the dynamic technology landscape and the telecommunications sector. Discussions centred on potential areas for collaboration, innovation, and technology-driven growth.

“We view Nigeria as a market with immense potential,” Mr. Toriola stated, emphasising the country’s potential for growth and innovation. “Our success story in Nigeria is a testament to the opportunities present here and a model for other businesses to follow.”

Both parties expressed optimism about the future of MTN Nigeria and other foreign investors in the country. They acknowledged the need for continued cooperation between the public and private sectors to create an environment that fosters business growth and innovation.

As NIPC continues to attract and support businesses, it reaffirms its commitment to not only promoting investment opportunities in Nigeria but in facilitating and providing aftercare services to investors. The strategic partnership between MTN Nigeria and NIPC exemplifies the opportunities available in the country and the collaborative efforts to drive economic growth and technological innovation.