Mines and Money 2023: NIPC and Ministries Forge Crucial Partnership

By September 19, 2023 NIPC News

In a proactive effort to bolster collaboration within Nigeria’s mining sector, the department of Investment Promotion (DIP) at the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) has initiated consultations with key players in the Ministry of Steel Development and the Ministry of Solid Minerals.

Earlier today, the Honourable Minister of State for Steel, Uba Maigari, graciously hosted the NIPC team. This visit, strategically designed to pave the way for the upcoming Mines and Money Conference, is a significant step in the broader strategy of fostering cooperation and partnership among all stakeholders in this critical sector.

As the Mines and Money Conference approaches, Nigeria’s steel sector stands at the threshold of remarkable growth and global recognition. The NIPC’s pivotal coordinating role, bringing together various government bodies, private enterprises, and non-governmental organizations, underscores the importance of a unified approach in harnessing Nigeria’s immense potential. This collective effort further cements Nigeria’s status as an appealinng destination for investment and economic development.

The primary objective of the NIPC’s participation in Mines and Money 2023 is to facilitate connections between mining companies, investors, and technology providers. During their meeting with the Honourable Minister, discussions revolved around the pivotal role the Ministry’s involvement in the conference will play in attracting cutting-edge technology and investment into Nigeria’s growing steel sector.

Beyond the conference itself, this visit underscored the Commission’s overarching strategy of collaboration and coordination across Ministries, Departments, Agencies, the private sector and other stakeholders. It is part of the Commission’s broader strategy to streamline efforts and ensure a unified front in promoting investments, driving economic growth, and achieving sustainable development goals in Nigeria.

The partnership forged between NIPC and the Ministry of Steel signals a significant step towards a brighter economic future for Nigeria. The Mines and Money Conference represents a unique opportunity for the nation’s steel sector, and NIPC’s active engagement positions Nigeria for remarkable growth and international prominence. This visit not only highlights the spirit of collaboration but also underscores Nigeria’s steadfast commitment to achieving economic prosperity through investment and development in the mining sector.

For more information about Money and Mines, inquiries can be directed to NIPC.