NIPC and UNIDO ITPO Explore New Horizons with Henkel Nigeria

By September 12, 2023 NIPC News

The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) has recently collaborated with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Investment and Technology Promotion Office (UNIDO ITPO) in a proactive effort to promote Nigeria’s economic prospects to German businesses considering entry into the Nigerian market.

As part of this initiative, a joint delegation from NIPC and UNIDO embarked on a visit to Henkel Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of the renowned German multinational chemical and consumer goods company known for its iconic brands such as WAW and Nittol detergent in Nigeria. The visit took place at Henkel Nigeria’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Ibadan.

This visit served as a crucial fact-finding mission in preparation for an upcoming “Private Sector Forum” scheduled by UNIDO on December 3rd and 10th, 2023, in Nigeria of which NIPC would partner to host. During their visit to Ibadan, the delegation also explored other notable companies, including Niji Group Solutions Innovations and Polyfilm Packaging (Nig) Limited.

The core objective of these visits was to provide German businesses with firsthand insights into the diverse opportunities available within Nigeria. The delegation had a unique opportunity to witness the cutting-edge technologies and meticulous processes that drive Henkel’s success in Nigeria. They observed the procedures implemented to ensure the safe production of high-quality products.

Elijah Egbedeyi, the Head of Factory at Henkel Nigeria, highlighted a distinctive feature that sets Henkel apart – its commitment to sourcing and utilising locally produced materials. He emphasised that the majority of raw materials used in their production are procured domestically, underscoring Henkel Nigeria’s dedication to supporting local industries and contributing to Nigeria’s economic growth.

Lawal Hassan, Zonal Head of the South West Zonal Office at NIPC, expressed the Commission’s pride in its association with Henkel Nigeria. He commended Henkel for its consistent track record as a frontline manufacturer committed to excellence, diligence, and professionalism.

Mr. Michael Schmidt, Deputy Head of UNIDO ITPO Germany, extended commendations to Henkel Nigeria for adhering to global manufacturing standards. He expressed appreciation for the tour and highlighted Henkel’s use of cutting-edge technological and scientific methods.

The visit to Henkel Nigeria, facilitated by NIPC and UNIDO ITPO, unveiled a story of excellence, commitment to quality, and the power of partnerships. It showcased how a global brand can contribute significantly to local economic development.

As Henkel Nigeria continues its journey in the country, this collaborative engagement with NIPC, UNIDO, and ITPO Germany paves the way for continuous dialogues and knowledge exchange. It reaffirms the unwavering commitment to enhancing quality and fostering economic growth within Nigeria’s manufacturing sector. The visit, marked by resounding success, fuels NIPC’s enthusiasm for future collaborations with UNIDO ITPO and envisions Henkel Nigeria as a shining example in championing Nigeria’s industrial development and investment potential.