Nigeria Mining Week Set to Kick-off in October!

By August 17, 2023 NIPC News

The stage is set, and the countdown has begun for Nigeria Mining Week 2023 – an event that promises to unravel the immense potential of Nigeria’s mineral resources. With a successful track record of seven previous editions, this year’s event, the 8th edition, is gearing up to take the spotlight in Abuja from October 16th to 18th.

This is according to Mrs Audrey Bading Mve, the Stakeholder & Program Director at Vuka Group, a distinguished South African consulting agency that forges partnerships with mining stakeholders to organise the conference on an annual basis.

“We’re focusing on getting stakeholders from countries like South Africa, Australia, Canada, and the UK on board,” Mrs Mve highlighted, emphasizing the intent to foster cross-border collaborations. This international outreach is not only about partnerships; it’s about leveraging the expertise and experience of global players to drive Nigeria’s mining sector to new heights.

In turn, Hajja Gana Wakil, Acting Executive Secretary/CEO of Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) reiterated the alignment of the Commission with the Federal government’s focus areas. “Solid mineral development is one of the key areas of this administration. And at NIPC we always align with the the focus areas of government. We will give you all our support. It is very good that you already have a working team at NIPC,” Hajja Wakil stated, underlining the significance of NIPC’s role in propelling the mining sector.

Over the years, the Nigeria Mining Week has emerged as a platform that transcends mere meetings. It has become reputed for fostering partnerships, innovation, and growth in the Nigerian mining sector. “This year’s event promises to be no exception, as the gathering seeks to build on the achievements of the past while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” stated Mrs Mve.

Also, the timing of the Nigeria Mining Week couldn’t be more auspicious. As the global landscape experiences a notable shift towards sustainable energy solutions, with the attendant increase in demand in solid mineral resources and Nigeria’s expanding discovery and exploitation of battery metals, the importance of an event like the Nigerian Mining Week cannot be over emphasised. Furthermore, the investment opportunities and the intricate nature of the operational landscape in the sector makes a gathering of this magnitude – a convergence of key industry players – a timely and vital proposition.

The organisers hint that this upcoming edition will focus on these topical issues with a focus on strategically positioning Nigeria for more substantial influence within the global energy landscape.

For more information about this year’s event, inquiries can be directed to NIPC, the Ministry of Solid Minerals, the Miners Association of Nigeria, or Vuka Group.