China’s Premier Donkey Breeding Firm Explores Lucrative Ventures in Nigeria’s Thriving Market

By July 27, 2023 NIPC News

In a quest to seize new investment opportunities and enhance economic ties, an esteemed delegation from Shandong Dong’e Black Donkey Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd., the foremost black donkey breeding farm in China, embarked on a visit to the Commission on Monday.

Welcoming the distinguished guests, Hajja Gana Wakil, the Acting Executive Secretary/CEO of NIPC, pledged the Commission’s support and guidance to Shandong Dong’e Black Donkey Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. throughout the establishment process.

The delegation’s eagerness to invest in Nigeria’s donkey industry is ignited by the country’s abundant resources, vast potential, and the availability of local partners, exemplified by Dr Norbet Okoye, CEO/MD of Sugalucas Limited, a seasoned investor who has already partnered with other foreign investors seeking opportunities in Nigeria.

“The Commission recognises the invaluable role played by local partners, like Dr Okoye, in paving the way for foreign investors to flourish in Nigeria,” stated Hajja Gana Wakil, NIPC’s visionary leader, during the meeting.

Shandong Dong’e Black Donkey Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Dong’e Ejiao Co., Ltd., a central enterprise, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of donkey husbandry.

Established in December 2012 with an astounding registered capital of 83 million yuan, the company boasts an impressive investment of 185 million yuan in its state-of-the-art breeding facilities, sprawling luxuriantly across 47 hectares of lush land. With over 5,000 donkeys under their care, the company proudly asserts its standing as China’s largest black donkey breeding farm.

“We are actively exploring avenues to expand our existing ranches or introduce new projects to this promising market,” shared Wang Yantao, the leader of the Chinese delegation.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government’s regulations, particularly concerning the trade of donkey skin and related products, have been a topic of concern, reflecting apprehensions about the extinction of donkeys, at the rate that they were being exported out of the country. NIPC officials advised the delegation to focus on ranching and breeding of donkeys, stressing the potential of developing local industries rather than prioritising exportation.

As the meeting progressed, Mr Abubakar Yerima, the Director of Investment Promotion at NIPC, reaffirmed the Commission’s commitment to providing the necessary assistance to propel their investment venture to soaring heights, promising follow-up engagements by NIPC after the initial visit.

The visit concluded with the Chinese delegation expressing appreciation for the warm welcome and assuring the Commission of their dedication to making substantial contributions to Nigeria’s burgeoning economy. With the unwavering support of the government and local players, foreign investors like Shandong Dong’e Black Donkey Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. could reinvigorate Nigeria’s donkey industry, heralding a prosperous future.