Shoprite Nigeria Eyes Expansion Engages Suppliers, Partners

By October 28, 2022 NEWS

Retail Supermarkets Nigeria (RSN) Limited, the owner of the supermarket chain, Shoprite Nigeria, says it is working towards expanding its retail outlet across the country by solidifying its ties with its key stakeholders.

The retail supermarket chain, while hosting its first Supplier and Partner Forum recently in Lagos, plans to engage over 200 suppliers and partners in a bid to expand partnerships and strengthen Shoprite’s relationship with its suppliers.

“The gathering presented a platform to engage suppliers and partners and build their understanding of the business goal to catalyze the transition from the traditional open market retail trade formats to novel formal retail models to develop and promote fair, efficient and competitive markets, aid national development and sustainable economic growth in Nigeria,” Chief Executive Officer, RSN, Hubertus Rick, was quoted in a statement seen by our correspondent.

Mr Hubertus, who emphasized the role of suppliers and partners in Shoprite’s plans, stated that “expansion is a core pillar of our growth strategy, and we depend on the support of our suppliers and partners to collaborate to achieve this vision.

“We need Supplier-Partner collaboration to drive sustainable profitable growth and yield shared value for not just our suppliers but all our other partners,” he stressed.

During the deliberations, the stakeholders pointed out areas of improvement as the management also expressed the need for support from its suppliers to drive sustainable growth.

Meanwhile, the statement quoted Tayo Amusan, the Chairman, of RSN, saying, “At RSN, we are confident in delivering high-quality products and services that resonate and meet our customers’ needs. As we collaborate with our suppliers to deliver value to customers and expand our local supply network in the retail industry, we will remain focused on embracing sustainable practices in growing the Nigerian economy.”

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