Premier Discount Company, Hotels etc Expands In Nigeria

By May 13, 2022 NEWS

Hotels Etc, one of the largest and most sought after discount companies in America with a presence in 141 countries across the globe, is set to launch a New international corporate office in Nigeria on the 4th of October, 2022.

Tourism has evolved into one of the fastest-growing sectors on the planet. Advanced travel technology and a growing holiday culture have fueled this expansion and Nigeria is not left behind. The West African behemoth is endowed with geographical terrain, which includes coastal beaches, mountains, historical sites, wildlife, UNESCO-approved heritage centers1, and diversified culture, all sectors that Hotels Etc excel in.

Citizens, tourists and fun-seekers in Nigeria will save up to 75% off public rates on travel, shopping, recreation, health, etc, when they sign up for Hotels Etc.’s services. ”Our objective as a firm is to simply negotiate the greatest rates for you so that you can enjoy life without running out of money!

You can obtain great deals not accessible anywhere else on our members’ area, including travel, retail discounts, hotels and accommodations, among other things”, declared Yetunde Okafor, CEO, Hotels Etc. Nigeria.

Hotels Etc. offers special discounts on Travel, Cruise and Entertainment. (Leisure travel usually makes up the highest spending in the sector of travel and tourism in Nigeria. In 2020, leisure travels generated around 3.6 billion U.S. dollars). These are 3 sectors that largely make up the social life of the average Nigerian. By opening a New international corporate office in Nigeria, Hotels Etc. is set to simplify the life of its Nigerian clients while giving them value for their money.

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