PE Energy, Avanceon to Reactivate Dormant Kalaekule Field

By October 30, 2021 NEWS

Abuja October 30 – Kalaekule, a key oil field in the Niger Delta Basin which produced crude oil between 1985 and 2002 peaking at 22,000BOPD in 1999 but has been dormant since then, is being planned for revival by PE Energy Limited (PEEL) and Avaceon by the end of 2021.

The high value project which is valued at 1.1 million USD is in its initial stages and will see Avanceon provide engineering and commissioning services for Kalaekule, the first contract that the firm will be executing in Nigeria.

According to a statement issued by Avaceon and sighted by NIPC Intelligence, the partnership plans to carry out the project in 3 stages:

• WHCP Installation, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Testing of the System

• WHCP Integration with ESD/PSD System and Central Control System of the Platform

• Functionality tests of each control and ESD instruments. Operability tests of the hydraulic pumps and nitrogen booster system.

“Avanceon, in partnership with PEEL, will be responsible for the installation, commissioning and testing of Well Head Control Panels (WHCP),” the statement read.