LifeBank Launches Oxygen Plant in Nasarawa

By July 15, 2021 NEWS

An oxygen plant (AirCo) with a capacity of 700 cubic metres daily production to save lives and meet the medical needs of Nigerians has been launched in Nasarawa State.

The plant was launched by Lifebank Nigeria, a health facility that delivers medical supplies to hospitals in Africa using technology and multi-modal distribution platform.

Speaking while launching the plant yesterday in Orozo community of Karu LGA of Nasarawa State, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, Mrs Temie Giwa- Tunbosun, said the initiative will address the oxygen needs of North Central.

“Lifebank believes that with AirCo, all the 29 million people in Nasarawa State and the other states in the north central region will have a steady supply of oxygen to cater to critically ill patients in hospitals

“This product launch is in line with their commitment to saving a million lives across Africa”

“For us, that is why we built this plant, to be able to meet the demands that we have across our hospitals from tertiary centres to Primary Healthcare Centres where our people get access to health care,” she said.

She added for the oxygen to be assessed by a large number of people and medical establishments, Lifebank Nigeria decided to make the produced medical oxygen called ‘AirCo’ very affordable and available.

“Also we are going to be working with government, the private sector and international development agencies to make sure it is affordable for all,” she said.

Giwa-Tunbosun explained that the loss of a medical doctor in Kogi state due to lack of oxygen moved her to venture into finding solutions to inadequate medical oxygen across the country so as to prevent what happened to the late doctor.

Also speaking, Mr Effeson Hailemichael, CEO of Oxygen Hub, an investment firm focused on the medical sector said his company saw the potential of the initiative to solve the oxygen shortages in the country hence it’s investment in the oxygen plant.

“I know the struggle it takes to set up a business from scratch in many markets in Sub-Saharan Africa as an entrepreneur. So I am very proud to say that we are working with fantastic franchises and many more to come and really empowering them to solve this challenge of medical oxygen across the continent,” he said.

Hailemichael, who said another plant has already been launched in Nairobi, Kenya with another launching coming up in Ethiopia added that more oxygen plants will be needed in the coming years to meet the needs of Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Three plants do not even scratch the surface for the need of oxygen. Our goal is to quickly expand to a 100 medium scale oxygen generation plants across the continent but even that is still a scratch on the surface.

For Nigeria, we have ambitious plans for the country. We will like to get about thirty to forty plants within the country. We have something of these plans in the pipeline already and we are working towards them,” he said.