$100m Multi-purpose Terminal Debuts At Onne Port

By May 15, 2021 NEWS

A $100million multipurpose terminal has begun operation and has hereby handled its first container vessel at Onne Port, Rivers State.

According to analysts, the multi-purpose terminal will thereby double Eastern Nigeria’s modern container handling capacity and providing a catalyst to the region’s economic growth.

Recall that a vessel, MSC Floriana  belonging to Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), berthed at OMT located at Berths 9-11 at Federal Ocean Terminal, Onne Port offloading 1, 297 containers.

The second vessel to berth on the heels of MSC Floriana, was Pacific International Line’s with 3900TEU capacity Kota Sejarah.

To spur Onne’s growth as a major multipurpose port, OMT plans to invest in further container handling equipment, IT, oil and gas and other general cargo handling equipment, warehouses, workshops, better access roads and modern health and safety facilities and processes.

Speaking on the development,   in major infrastructure works as well as investments in additional and bigger equipment.

He said, “These are just the first steps. We are bullish on the long-term prospects for the Nigerian economy and we are ready to invest significant funds in OMT. To date, ICTSI has invested USD35 million in state-of-the-art equipment, IT systems and personnel training. The next step,” he elaborated, “will be major infrastructure works as well as investments in additional and bigger equipment totalling USD100 million. We will progressively align OMT’s facilities and service capacity to the needs of the diverse customer base the terminal is intended to serve.”

Also speaking, managing director, OMT, Jacob Gulmann, said OMT is bringing the the berth back to life many years after lying unused.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Nigerian Ports Authority to realize this project. Berths 9-11 had been languishing, lying virtually unused for the last decade.

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