Enugu Seeks Investment in State’s Tourist Sites

By December 27, 2019 Investment News

The Executive Secretary, Enugu State Council of Arts, Chief Edward Okolo, has urged local and international investors to to invest in untapped, natural tourist sites in the State.

He said state tourism had a potential to expand hospitality business.

He noted the state was richly endowed with natural resources such as hills, beaches, rivers, blue-deep lakes, fine waterfalls, caves and clean streams and springs yearning for corporate investment.

According to him, these gifts of nature in their natural and virgin states are virtually found in many communities in the state.

“The tourism sites are: Ezeagu tourism complex; Udi range of hills – Milikin-Hill, Onyema-Hill etc; Awhum falls; Opi chain of eight lakes; and Oji, Ajali, Duru, Ebonyi and Ezu Nmamu Rivers.

“We also have Nyaba, Akwuke and Ekulu beaches that can challenge the high sea coastal beaches.

“Again, the Obinofia, Akpugoeze and Awa mangrove-tropical forests infested with Bezier wild lives and the Odoro Achi hot lake to mention but a few.

“These eco-beauties are what nature presents to us that desire harnessing,’’ he said.

Okolo said that there were other historic landmarks that had been identified but not harnessed, such as the relics of Okpogho Oghe/Legga Nsukka iron smelting and the Ugwu-Uto Pyramid of Nsude among others.

“These landmarks have been tested through carbon dating and found that they dated over 3,000 years ago. 

“This proves that technology existed here in the state even before the western countries.’’

He said that the state also had monumental edifices, including; Old Eastern Region House of Assembly; Old Premier Lodge, Old Government House and statues of Great Zik of Africa and Dr Michael Okpara and sculptural illustration of the demonstrating coal miners in 1949.

“We will not forget in a hurry the rich arts, crafts and cultural heritage our ancestors left for us; such as our beautiful masquerades, indigenous music and dances, local foods and medicines, fabrics and fashion.

“The value of respect for one another that has made our state a peaceful one and the friendliness in receiving our visitors/tourists as one of us,’’  he added.