Nigeria. ng Domain Grows to 134,320 in Three Months

By March 25, 2019 Investment News

The registration of Nigerian domain name, .ng country code top-level domain, grew by three per cent to reach 134,320 from December 2018 to February 2019.

An analysis of the data obtained from the Nigeria Internet Registration Association showed that the number of .ng domain increased by 1,197 between December and January 2019, and by 2,123 from January to February this year.

The data showed that about 14,696 new domain registrations were recorded in the three months under review, with 8,411 domain renewals and 280 domain restorations to other registrars.

The Nigerian domain name report showed that there were 114,325 active domain names at the third level and another 19,995 active domain names at the second level, 4,772 new registrations, 2,797 domain renewal and 88 domain restorations, making a total of 134,320 domains as of February 2019.

According to NiRA, the growing number of registration shows that Nigerians continue to embrace the .ng brand and indicates the efforts of the NiRA accredited registrars in growing the .ng brand.

The association stated that the .ng ccTLD was the second fastest growing registry in Africa.

The Internet traffic has also been on the rise with many global content providers localising their contents and driving traffic by 10, 000 per cent in the last five years.

The Chief Executive Officer, IXPN, Mr Muhammed Rudman, in a statement recently, explained that the measurement of the growth in traffic was from 2013 to 2018, adding that it could be largely attributed to the connection of some international content service providers to the Nigerian exchange point.

Rudman said Facebook, Akamai, China Telecoms, Angola Cables and a huge number of the service providers in the country were recently connected to the exchange point, driving traffic locally.

“For us, hitting 10,000 per cent traffic and exchanging over 110 gigabits per second in the last five years is a huge success. It goes to show that we are achieving our mandate, which is to facilitate Internet operations in Nigeria and to localise traffic as well as reduce local Internet routing cost,” he said.