Daystar Power gets $10Million Investment to Expand Operations in Nigeria and Ghana

By March 22, 2019 March 25th, 2019 Investment News

Alternative power company, Daystar Power has announced a $10 million investment from Verod Capital Management and Persistent Energy Capital LLC.

The solar energy company has also lined up an additional $16 million in debt financing to accelerate its expansion across West Africa.

The deal will allow Daystar Power to expand its offering of Solar Power Solution for Commercial and Industrial customers across the region.

Daystar Power is a leading West African solar energy company providing African companies and institutions, including banking, consumer goods, agriculture and manufacturing clients with complete power solutions using solar energy.

The solutions provide Daystar Power’s corporate clients with a reliable source of energy, whilst significantly reducing their operating costs and minimizing the use of diesel generators to power their operations.

Daystar Power was founded in Lagos in 2017 by Christian Wessels and Jasper Graf von Hardenberg and incubated by African venture builder, Sunray Ventures.

Since inception, Daystar has installed 1MW of off-grid solar energy solutions to Commercial and Industrial customers across Nigeria and Ghana.

Daystar Power solutions deliver up to 25% of savings against current cost of energy and guarantees 99% uptime reliability to its clients while reducing carbon emissions from diesel generators.

Daystar Power provides Solar Power Systems ranging from 20 KWp and up to 5 MWp. Daystar provides clients with a monthly payment option that reduces capital outlay and thereby making it easier to switch to a cleaner energy solution.

A key differentiator for Daystar Power is its focus on a high quality of service using only best-in class equipment with long-term warranties and a strong local technical support services team.

Source: Innovation Village