1800-unit Estate Project will Drive Edo’s Economic Rejuvenation

By August 27, 2018 Investment News

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has described the 1, 800-unit Emotan Gardens project being developed in partnership with MIXTA Africa, as a project that will stimulate economic growth in the state.

Obaseki The housing project is part of project billed to be showcased alongside other reforms embarked upon by the Governor Obaseki administration at the 27th edition of the Edo National Association Worldwide (ENAW) convention, in Canada.

He said, “From our strategic vision, we envisage Edo State as that state in Nigeria that offers opportunities to all Nigerians to aspire and attain their aspirations. Specifically, we are creating a society in which people can live in peace and harmony.

” On the Emotan Gardens project, he said, “This project is going to be of huge benefit to the economy of the state; almost 80 per cent of what is required or what will be used to build the Estate is going to be sourced from Edo State. From the cement, to the steel and rods that will be used, will be manufactured here.

The sand, gravel, granite, and all other such materials will be obtained here. Tiles, sanitary fittings, are all manufactured in Edo State. The glass, the aluminium profiles, the roofing sheets, the lumber for the roofing are all made here, and of course the labour. So, almost 80 percent of what will be required to build this estate will be sourced locally.

” The governor said the estate project, “is going to be a large-gated community with lots of amenities, serviced with electricity 24/7; it is going to have metered water supply, security and entertainment around it.

There is going to be shopping mall and arena, and other facilities like healthcare centre and a school. It would provide perhaps the kind of quality living that our people are aspiring to, but most importantly, it will be affordable.

” He said that the state government intends to use the project to grow a new set of artisanal manpower and experts in building, that will be the envy of all, noting, “The project will be quite impactful. But more importantly, it will help us to train a whole new generation of artisans, construction workers, professionals in construction industry, who we hope will now be pioneers in developing many more estates in the state.

” On creating access to the estate, he said “The Estate is located on Sokponba Road and one of the main arteries of Benin City. Our plan is to expand and dualise that road so that access into the estate will be smooth. We also plan to build another artery road behind the estate to also help in easing traffic flow into and out of the housing estate.

Noting that Emotan Gardens is one among many innovations in the state, he said, “We are having a revolution in the education sector as well, with Edo-BEST. There is also the Edo-Health Improvement Programme (Edo-HIP) in the health sector.


Source: Vanguard