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  • Opportunities in the Film Industry:Nollywood!

    Just after 13 years,Nollywood ballooned into a $250 million-a- year industry employing thousands of people.
  • Opportunities in the Power Sector

    Fortunately, Nigeria already has important building blocks to develop a strong, successful power sector:Natural resources,Local talent, strong and well structured "Power" roadmap.
  • Opportunities in Transport Sector

    The National Network of roads is currently estimated at nearly 200,000Km, ranking 2nd only to South Africa in Sub - Saharan Africa. The National road network in Nigeria is currently valued at over N5trillion.
  • Opportunities in Water Sector

    Amongst the foregoing number, over 100 million Nigerians consume bottled water per day. This consumption rate excludes water used within households for cooking, cleaning dishes,baths, laundry and other forms of sanitation.
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The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission is a Federal Government Agency in Nigeria established to encourage, promote, and coordinate investments in Nigeria. The Agency provides services for the grant of business entry permits, licenses, authorizations and incentives in a One-Stop-Shop environment. The services are provided in a co-ordinated, streamlined, efficient and transparent manner to meet the needs of investors.

  "The NIPC Diamond Strategy"...
Taking Nigeria beyond oil!

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