• Cocoa Butter – Nigeria is the fourth leading exporter of cocoa in the world. Cocoa is mainly exported as beans,processing activities being limited within the country. Cocoa is the main agricultural export in Nigeria.

  • Nigeria is the third-largest exporter of gum arabic in Africa; its annual exports are estimated to total 5,000 tons.

  • The market for beekeeping and honey production is huge. From cosmetics, medicine, confectioneries, and the pharmaceutical industries, to religious groups, the demand for organic honey and other bi-products is growing.

  • Nigeria, which presently accounts for 57 percent of the global shea with a value of $3.8 billion, could address its challenge of poverty through shea butter export.


The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission is a Federal Government Agency in Nigeria established to encourage, promote, and coordinate investments in Nigeria. The Agency provides services for the grant of business entry permits, licenses, authorizations and incentives in a One-Stop-Shop environment. The services are provided in a co-ordinated, streamlined, efficient and transparent manner to meet the needs of investors.

  "The NIPC Diamond Strategy"...
Taking Nigeria beyond oil!

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